Readers Favorite, Self Publishing Review Approved, Indie Reader Approved, and Huffington Post Best Reviewed.

FEAST is a touching and bittersweet story about a life lost too young,and about the ways people come together in times of deep grief, seen through the particular lens of the Gitksan culture.  It is an excellent read for the amateur anthropologist, as Russell is himself Gitksan and explains not only the patterns of Gitksan mourning and relationship but their purpose and the meaning they hold to an insider. - Indie Reader Approved

Feast: A Gitksan Story by Roy W. Russell is an in-depth view of one of the traditions many indigenous peoples are trying so hard to hold onto.  The story portrays the struggle of the modern tribal member trying to accommodate two totally different worlds, and the very real consequences of failing to do so.  A well written and difficult to put down story, in which we are treated to a close inspection of a group's intense beliefs based on their respect for the deceased. - Readers Favorite [Rated 5/5]

Feast: A Gitksan Story by Roy W. Russell follows the funeral rites of a First Nations family in British Columbia from Angie's point of view.  Around her, family is busy following Feast procedures, feeding their lost family member, and mourning in their own ways.  A member of the Bisteh Clan himself, Russell imbues the book with rich cultural detail and purpose.  The subject matter is as fascinating as it is heartbreaking, and the characters feel real enough to touch.  Feast is full of heart with a vitally important story at its core.  As it is, the book is definitely worth checking out for its depiction of the Gitskan culture, as told by someone on the inside, making this a thoroughly compelling read. - Self Publishing Review

"Known Shippable, Will Not Fix is an adventure that will delight anyone who loves gaming, silliness, and general shenanigans." - IndieReader Approved (4.8/5 Stars)

"Remarkably strange and entertaining. This whip-smart novel is ideal for those with some knowledge or passion for computer programming and game development, but even non-tech brains can appreciate the clever writing and the mind-bending fun that accompanies a gradual breakdown of reality. This updated version of the novel is polished and clean, with intricate bursts of humor, eye-rolling inside jokes, and enough bizarre action and mayhem to appeal to anyone looking for an innovative take on a sci-fi adventure." - Self-Publishing Review

"A quirky and original contribution to the sci-fi genre, Roy W. Russell is going to be a name to watch out for. " - [4/5 rating] Reviewed By Readers' Favorite